Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Holiday traditions are possibly the part of Christmas that I anticipate the most. Friday morning after Thanksgiving we head out to get our christmas tree. For the past three years we have gone to a local farm to choose a tree, ride a hayride, play games and visit with Farmer Santa. In our opinion he is the best Santa around!


This year it was TJs turn to choose the tree. Since they didn’t get to play until after choosing the tree he didn’t have to look at too many!


We normally spend the rest of the day decorating the tree but this year we let it rest so the branches could fall some. Earlier this year I worked with a friend to make some plaid buntings that we used at a Marriage for Life event at our church. I could not wait to use them for Christmas time. A few years ago we started using shatterproof ornaments on the bottom half of the tree for TJ and now because of Rosie Dog’s tail! She has sent quite a few flying across the room already. All of our favorites rest as safely as they can at the top of the tree.


As soon as December arrives our little Elves show up and each day they bring our Advent cards. This is part of the reason my husband agreed we could start the elves. We choose to not read the elf story and our elves do not head back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa about how the kids behaved that day. This year along with the elves we added something new, Lego Advents. The kids have LOVED them and its a quick easy little gift every morning- especially if the Elves aren’t up for any antics the night before.

IMG_2171.JPGA few years ago we ordered Advent Cards from Ashley Profitt. The kids love the activities and we all read through the Bible Verses each morning. She replaced the cards with a flip calendar this year but it is still the same idea. They came with little wooden clothes pins but I found these patterned numbered ones at Paper Source and I found the twine with little red pins in the Dollar section at Target.


Another tradition we start on December 1st is to read from the Jesus Story Book Bible each day. This is by far our favorite children Bible as you can tell by our worn copy!


This year I came up with a printable schedule. It really just follows along through each story leading up to the Christmas story but this was much more fun! The link below should let you print it if you would like to use it too!

Jesus Story Book Advent Schedule.jpg

Jesus Story Book Advent Schedule

What are some of your favorite Holiday traditions?

-Jackie Dawn


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