Thank you for stopping by! My name is Jackie Dawn and I am a creative. Ever since I was small I was always creating and exploring new art forms. That continued into college when I majored in Health, Fitness and Recreation with a minor in art. Basically, I wanted to play and create and that hasn’t changed at all. My focus for the past almost eight years has been being a stay at home mom with my two sweet babies.

Those two sweet babies are actually no longer babies but are the driving force behind this creative endeavor. I want to not only be home for them but also be able to build a business they see makes me happy while also being able to help provide for our family. And they are the inspiration behind the name of my company. My nickname for my daughter is Chickadee and my son has the unfortunate nickname of Chunk (he was an exceptional large, roll covered baby).

While right now I am focusing on making uniquely designed wooden signs, I would love to expand this business into the party planning world. I love a well designed and executed party focused on love and all the little details. So, in the future I would love to offer a handmade version of a “party in a box” where the client is able to choose from different themes and personalize it for their person. This is my heart dream and I can’t wait to see it all come together.

Thank you for visiting and if there is anything I can create for you feel free to reach out to me!

Jackie Dawn


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